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Book Party with Avon – A Win Win!


It’s party time with an Avon Book Party and it will be one of the easiest parties you have ever put together.  All you have to do is offer everyone you know (customers or anyone) the opportunity to earn free products.  (Everyone loves FREE).

Once your hostess (or hostesses) agree, you supply them with at least five (5) Avon Brochures – don’t forget you can also give them Mark and Living to give more variety. Also at least ten (10) order forms, one (1) collection envelope and some samples.  She then collects orders from her friends and family and collects the money for each order.

book partyEach participant in the party will pay the hostess directly and she will pay you on the delivery date that you decide on. (Or you can have them pay when they turn in the order)  Delivery is usually ten (10) days from the closing date of the “Book” Party.  Then you just order, bag, and invoice each order to the hostess so that she can deliver to her party participants.
 As an added incentive your hostess can win a special featured gift (your choice) of the month by getting someone to book a “party” from hers.  Which means continuing sales and even more customers for you. A sample of the order form is shown below.  It is easy to make and duplicate for as many people as you need.

book party

If you want more information on booking a “Book Party” you can contact me at: http://www.successfulcareerathome.com/

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