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Fragrance – So Fearless, So Fabulous, So Very SOFIA!!!

Fragrance - So Very Sofia

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Avon’s newest and passionate fragrance sensation is by Sofia Vergara, actress, producer and businesswoman!  With her own Star on Hollywood’s Walk of fame she is proud to work with Avon to help Fragrance So Very Sofiaempower women to take control of their lives and dreams.  The scent is as vivacious as Sofia herself.  It is playfully provocative yet unabashedly bold, confidence never felt so right.


Extra extra

So Very Sofia – The essence of the unexpected…a playful blend of tropical passion fruit, exotic Flor de Mayo Orchid and bright golden patchouli.  Just $36.00!

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sofia setFull-Size Shower Gel and body – (each 6.7 fl oz) with each So Very Sofia Eau De Parfum Purchase – a $24.00 value.

From earliest times, perfumes, fragrances and scented oils have been used.  Today you can find fragrance everywhere from your bath and body products, to scented candles and, of course,  colognes and Parfums.  Every individual has their own reason for wearing a scent and usually it is because it makes us happy!!!  Why depends on the person, but it can be from memories it invokes, to showing your individuality.  So with so many different fragrances you can truly be yourself in your choice everyday.  You can match your fragrance to your mood, to a special occasion or to nothing at all.  You can change every day as your mood changes and have a hint of orange blossom one day and roses and orchids the next.

With Avon you can find the perfect fragrance for your every mood, from Rare Pearls creamy magnolia glimmers with fresh rose and sensual sandalwood to Haiku Kyoto Flower with velvety violet leaf, white peony in soft cotton musk. Or choose The beautiful fresh scent of Honeysuckle in Free O2 Toilette Spray or Fresh strawberry, lily of the valley and warm cedarwood in Avon Luck La View.

Whatever you preference Avon can meet your needs.


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