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For over 130 years Avon has been a leader in the Direct Selling business offering their Representatives the opportunity to make money and build their own business.  While some things have changed, Avon is still a leader in the business but now there are now several ways to earn and build a business and make the money to have your dreams come true.

Traditional Face-To-Face sales are the hallmark of the company.  Providing the personal touch and giving our customers that special treatment that comes with it started with the first Avon Representative and continues to be a major factor is building a make moneycustomer base.  Starting with friends and family you branch out from there and the sky is the limit.  Our brochures come out every two weeks and you make a commission from all your sales.  Your commission percentage depends on your amount of sales each campaign – ranging from 20% to 50%.  Once you take the orders from your customers, submit your order and pay Avon, the difference is yours.

Online Sales have become a very lucrative way to keep building our business.  Using our social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,  and Instagram to mention a few, we are able to computerfingersgenerate sales from all over the country.  Using our e-store provided by Avon, these new customers can buy, pay for, and have the products shipped directly to them.  These online sales are really great because once you have a customer, Avon does the rest.  Plus Avon has a simple and easy system so that we can post great topics to all our social media with beautifully done pictures with a simple click.

Leadership is an avenue to carry your business to a whole new level.  As you build a team by offering mooseteacheranimationour opportunity to others and mentoring them to success you can earn incentives and commissions that will continue to grow as your team does.

Mentoring your team is just teaching them what you have learned about building a business.  It is not difficult and very satisfying.  I enjoy interacting with the members of my team on a daily basis.

As your team grows you continue to earn money and bonuses you can also earn trips and prizes along the way.

So whether you choose one or all three methods of building an Avon business, you can start to live your dreams and live YOUR BOSS LIFE.




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