Space Savers for Your Kitchen with Avon Living

 Ideas for your Kitchen with Avon Living

space saver
Starter Piece with “S” Hooks

Space Savers are great organizers that make smaller spots feel bigger, better, and easier to work in!

To start the job, use the Starter piece consisting of the railing.  This railing expands and contracts to fit most walls-from the pantry to the closet, to the mudroom!  It comes with 5 “S” hooks to hang your baskets and shelves, and frees up your counters and tables.

Retractable Rail with “S” Hooks  Holds up to 30 pounds, comes with two screws; carbon steel, wipe clean, expands from 21″ to 32″.  $14.99

space savers
Wire Basket – Bucket with Holder – Hanging Shelf

Wire Basket Carbon steel, wipe clean, 13.25″ x 3.75″ x 7.5.  $9.99 Great for all those miscellaneous items you need to find a place for.

Bucket with Holder – Small drainage hole, carbon steel, wipe clean, 4.75″ x 4.75″ x 10.75″ $9.99.  Perfect for herbs, your favorite plant to brighten up the room, or for those extra kitchen utensils!

Hanging Shelf – Carbon steel, wipe clean, 9.75″ x 5″ x 9.75″ $9.99

space savers
Wire Hanging Baskets

Wire Organizing Baskets – Set of 2.  This set of 2 comes with 4 “S” hooks, so you can hang or mount on different walls.  Perfect for placing hand towels in the bathroom for hosting guests!   Holds up to 8 lbs; metal 9.95″ x 5.95″ x 5.95″ $12.99

For more great kitchen ideas like a Kitchen Wall Organizer, an 8-piece Food Keeper set or bamboo stacking shelves for keeping your plates, lids or even  cook books organized check out the Avon Living. Featuring color labels you can label everything and peel off and reuse as needed that will help time and time again to keep you organized. So be sure to check out these and all the other handy kitchen organizing products.


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